Tally Overview

Tally is popularly known as an accounting software for small and medium businesses. It does all the functions of accounting that a particularly mid sized business has. This is the view of most of the persons who know about Tally.

About Our Company:

Tally ERP 9 Expert Training Course covers in-depth knowledge to meet the accounting requirements of the industry. We not only teach the concepts but also help you learn; how you can Practically implement those concepts in your Accounting Process with Practical Examples in tally software. Tally Online Course includes Accounting, Inventory, Taxation, GST, Return Filing, Finalization of Books of Accounts, MIS Reporting and Auditing in Tally.

Features And Uses Of Tally
  • Daily Accounting
  • Balance Sheet Finalization
  • Inventory Maintenance
  • Generating Different reports for tax filling etc..
Tally Course Duration?

Tally course (no matter any version) can be learnt just in 3 months. It is a certification course which has less time duration but no importance.

Tally Certification?
  • Tally Academy Certified Professional – TACP
  • Tally Academy Certified Accounts Executive – TACAE
  • Tally Academy Certified Taxation Master – TACTM
  • Tally Academy Certified Accountant – TACA
  • Tally Academy Certified Payroll Executive – TACPE
  • Tally Academy Certified Excise Assistant Master – TACEAM
  • TallyAcademy Certified TDS Master – TACTDSM

Our Training Features:


Experienced Trainers


Flexible Timings


Placement Assistance


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Online Training

Tally Course Syllabus 

ACCOUNTING: Accounting is the main key feature of Tally and that is what it is known for. The main thought that comes in mind of a person when hearing about tally is accounting.

BILLING: Billing is an inevitable part of any business and its care is duly taken by Tally. Actually billing is included in accounting feature but it has some what a separate function rather than accounting. The best thing in Tally is what when you create a billing entry you did not have to create accounting entry for that bill.

PAYROLL: This feature is of use when you are having a good number of employees. For maintaining payroll in tally, there are functions like employee categories, employee groups, attendance, pay heads and course employees.

For manufacturing entity there are functions such as units and production types by which information regarding production done by employees in specific units can also be measured.

INVENTORY: As billing is an inevitable part of a business and so is the inventory. Effective inventory management can save huge amount of costs especially if you are functioning in a manufacturing environment.

In tally you can classify inventories on the basis of groups, units, tariff (applicable for goods on which VAT is levied), different stock items, god owns in which they are located.

BANKING: In this era of digitalization, without banking no business can survive. Banking functionality is very well covered by Tally. Though it was not present in earlier versions of Tally but it can be usage in ERP-9

TAXATION: a business cannot operate in isolation. It needs a society to operate which is governed by a government which levies different types of taxes on a business as it is a commercial activity. Well, Taxation is also covered by Tally. Right from Income Tax, VAT, Excise, Customs and service tax everything is taken care of by Tally.

REPORTING: Different types of reports are required at different times for making effective business decisions. In Tally there are reports such as Statutory Reports, Payroll Reports, job Work In and out Reports and the most significant Exception Report

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Our Student Reviews

Thank you, sir, for all your teachings, support and good wishes. I could not able to get this opportunity.
All my thanks to the team – Venkat sir.


I have joined this course to have a deep knowledge in accounting domain, and I am getting my knowledge enhanced here. It has been a good experienced till now.


It was a great experience while doing this course. The faculty was very friendly and were on tips to address any issue.